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June 8, 2011

When a friend of mine recommended Dr. Bravo, I was feeling like a 90 year old person while I was 40. I was diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis and I was taking a strong medicine that I was supposed to take for the rest of my life and the drug was giving me migraines. Also they gave me celebrex, vicodin, and every strong medicine that you could think about and none of them took the pain away. I didn’t sleep for almost a year because the worst pain was in my shoulder but I also had it in all my joints.  Dr. Bravo recommended few tests including the metals test and for my surprise I had high levels of mercury. After two months that I started the detox I started to feel much better and right now (after six months) I feel myself again. I haven’t take any drug since I started with Dr. Bravo (not even Tylenol) and I can tell you I haven’t feel this good since I was thirty years old! I highly recommend Dr. Bravo to anyone if you want to find the root of your sickness and get cure in a natural way. Last but not least the staff is A+ and they treat you not only good but as family and to find that in Miami is almost impossible!

Anisa T.

June 7, 2011

Prior to meeting Dr. Bravo, I’ve been going to the gym from 2000 to 2010 with few results to show for it. A friend of mine recommended The S.E.R. Institute around February of 2010. Not only I was able to drop 65 lbs within a reasonable amount of time (not the overnight / Hollywood weight loss fads) but I was able to maintain my ideal weight based on my height. The Staff there is first class. The easy going attitude, honesty, and competency of Dr. Bravo himself is an experience one will never forget, especially in these days and age. It was him who recommend a urine test to ascertain the type of vitamin my body would need to function at its optimum level…Ever since, I was able to take my game to the next level. I wanted to find something that works for me and after a ten years I found it. Going to The S.E.R. Institute is like making an initial investment on yourself where you will reap dividends in decade to come in terms of your health….And if you don’t have health, nothing else matters. So, I highly recommend The S.E.R. Institute for a memorable, valuable experience

Jacques Calixte

October 07, 2010 – 01:26 PM
Marcia Regina do Nascimento marciado9@hotmail.com

Ante todo quisiera agradecer profundamente al Dr. Daniel Bravo, por haberme devuelto mi alegría, estuve dos horribles meses con mi brazo derecho pegado la costilla, cada visita en médicos que hice era como una adivinanza que hacían conmigo, que bursitis, artritis, cartílagos roto, incluso coctails de medicinas y el dolor seguía igualito, a punto que los médicos me receptaran hasta esteroide , lo que me hizo, fue aumentar de libras y acabar con mi figura ,así como también enfermarme del hígado, mi dolor seguía, no dormía, en fin un desastre total.

Le doy las al señor y a mi amiga por haberme recomendado al Dr. Bravo, por primera vez que asistí su consulta milagrosamente encontré en sus manos, la solución de mi problema, lo brazos inmóvil para mi sorpresa en la primera cita, salí del consultorio moviéndome mi brazo como antes, fue algo tan emocionante que no me pude contenerme las lagrimas de tantas emociones, le doy mil gracias al Dr. Daniel Bravo por devolverme mi alegría y mis ganas de seguir adelante. Sigo con mis terapias , pero, en realidad yo lo llamaría las manos de las esperanzas al igual que su honorable apellido Bravo…

Dr. Bravo, milllllllllll gracias una vez más por devolverme la sonrisa, Dios lo Bendiga sus manos, profesionalismo y experiencia, para que sigas cosechando todas las energías positivas de personas como yo, que lo aprecia y le desea todo el éxito del Universo que usted merece. BENDICIONES A USTED Y A TODO SU ADORADO EQUIPO.


Marcia Regina do Nascimento


October 05, 2010 – 12:49 PM

I have been going to Dr. Bravo for 8 months. I initially went to him with a frozen shoulder (one of the most painful things I have ever felt). Dr. Bravo treated me intensively and within about 2 months I had full use of my arm with only slight pain. I was amazed at how much better my arm was feeling. During one of my visits he also discovered that my thyroid was not working properly. I did a blood test and results came back that he was correct. Not only was my thyroid not functioning correctly but i also had adrenal fatigue. It has now been about 6 months since I have been taking supplements for this issue and I have lost 15 pounds, have great energy and I feel great. Dr. Bravo has changed my life. I have never felt better. Thank you Dr. Bravo!!!


August 16, 2010 – 06:22 AM

I was referred to Dr. Bravo by a personal trainer because I was experiencing consistent and debilitating headaches during my workouts that did not allow me to continue. The pain started a week before I saw Dr. Bravo and it got to the point that even my usual afternoon run would trigger the onset of this excruciating pain. It would start in the back of my head and within moments, work its way up to the crown of my head and force me to stop whatever I was doing immediately. The only way I could describe this pain is that it felt like a gladiator was trying to crush my scull and after its initial onset, the throbbing barely diminished throughout the rest of the day.

I saw Dr. Bravo on a Monday afternoon and worked out Tuesday morning at 5:30 a.m. without a headache, not even a slight one! I have not experienced any headaches after my initial treatment! I was very concerned that I would not be able to work out if I could not correct this problem, but with the help and guidance of Dr. Bravo, I have been pain free ever since.

His knowledge of wellness goes beyond the Chiropractic field. I have a poor functioning thyroid and Dr. Bravo was well informed of alternative solutions to treating thyroid disease. I have been researching alternative solutions for over three years and seen a handful of MDs, but I have come away with little or no direction outside of mainstream medicine’s suggestions. Dr. Bravo was able to advise me, on the spot, about some of the things I have been considering for some time. If you are open to alternative forms of wellness or are actively seeking them, I believe that Dr. Bravo will be able to guide you.


May 05, 2010 – 04:43 PM



April 21, 2010 – 09:31 PM
Juana Vera

Vi por la television a la Doctora Maritza Fuentes que le hizo una entrevista al doctor Daniel Bravo con una paciente que tenia mis mismos padecimientos y fui a verlo y he tenido resultados en mi tratamiento, he mejorado el 95% de todos mis padecimientos.


March 12, 2010 – 11:28 PM
Marisol Gomcalves

Llevo 7 meses con un mucho dolor en la parte derecha de la cara y desde que que visite al Dr Daniel he visto mucha mejoria , el umbral del dolor bajo despues de varias secciones.


January 08, 2010 – 06:27 PM
– Tariq King

I met Dr. Bravo in November 2007. For Over four years I have had problems with my lower back. In 2003, an old basketball injury escalated into a herniated disc. At that time, my general physician suggested bed rest and physical therapy. After six months of physical therapy the pain in my back subsided, but I could still feel that there was a problem with my back. From time to time I would be severe back pain, and eventually a second disc on the same side of my back slipped. This time the Herniated disc pinched my sciatic nerve and caused me to have “Foot Drop.” The muscles in my left foot were unable to move because of damage to the nerve. I was admitted to the local hospital and waited for four days to see a neurologist. The neurologist recommended a highly invasive surgery and so I decided to seek treatment from Dr. Bravo as an alternative. My experience had been very traumatic up to this point, as the neurosurgeon had left me with little or no hope that my situation would be better. When I “walked” into Dr. Bravo’s office with help from my family and four-foot walker, to took one look at my MRI and told me that my problem would take a while to correct but that I would be fine. I was in severe pain but with regular visits to the S.E.R. Institute I was feeling better. Changes in my diet resulted in weight reduction of 30 lbs., and after three months I had no pain. The nerve was still damaged but the doctor explained to me that generally nerves heal slowly and suggested exercises that would help. After six months of no being able to walk on my own, I could finally raise my foot and make the first steps! Dr. Bravo gave me my life back, and after about 8 months of treatment I was able to visit China and climb the Great Wall. I have never felt so healthy and alive. He has a rare gift, and is of the most compassionate people I have ever met. My back problem was in his hands and now I have no problem.


February 14, 2010 – 04:26 PM
Sylvia Aquino none@none.com http://none.com

I felt these symptoms for many years, visited several doctors and never found a solution until a friend told me about Dr. Daniel Bravo. He said I would feel better in about six months, and to my sure pleasure I did. He changed my life, from being in pain every single day, to being free of pain!!!

Thank You Dr. Daniel Bravo,
– Sylvia Aquino